Madeline Beattie

graphic designer + fine artist

826 Vermont

Branding a Quirky Non-Profit
Brand Identity


In Collaboration with
︎︎︎ Kate Dembowski  (Research)

826 Vermont (Take Charge) is a comprehensive brand identity created to represent a theoretical 826 Non-Profit location in Montpelier, Vermont that focuses on human-powered electricity.

826 National is a chain of non-profit literacy centers for children and teens.  All locations have a quirky retail store in the front, which entices shoppers to come learn about their services and support them financially. These themed stores reflect the history and aesthetics of their surrounding cities. As such, the hypothetical store in Montpelier, Vermont had to be both fun and enticing, but also representative of its location.

I worked alongside my research partner, Kate, to compile a comprehensive view of Montpelier. As we worked on our mind map and final presentation, some interesting information began to surface which then helped to inform my store’s focus.

The city was the first in the state to have water-powered electricity, which powered its political pursuits as the capital of the state. The in-city population triples during the day, as many individuals migrate from out of town to work in the government offices. Despite its prestige as a political center, the city struggles against the elements. The local Winooski River is prone to flooding, which has been known to destroy businesses and uproot families. As such, I thought it was important to have a store that can provide useful information and resources in case the power goes out and spirits are down, while still maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere for kids.

To address both its history and its needs, I decided on a store that focuses on human-powered energy with an engaging, vibrant, and playful style. The display type was chosen due to its human characteristics, which I believed echoed the purpose of the brand. Colors are bright and electrifying to reflect many people’s associations with the words “energy” and “power.” I emphasized the importance of human interaction by including lightweight illustrations of hands that contrast the bolder illustrated products.

The Process


Cumulative Presentation

Synthesizing Concept

Asset Development

First Round of Asset Application

Second Round of Asset Application

Final Product