Madeline Beattie

graphic designer + fine artist


Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
Title Sequence

Featured in 
CCS Student Exhibition 2022

Absolution is a title sequence focused on creating an everyday moment extraordinary: my daily shower and shampoo.

Considering shampooing to be a sort of religious ritual, I decided to create a linear story of the purification that takes place whilst showering. Production focused on creating a one minute title sequence that effectively unites sequential storytelling and motion graphics. Due to my knowledge of Christian theology (having attended religious schooling for 15 years), I found it fitting to compare the shampooing experience to a religious purification, i.e. absolution. I desired to tell a story that feels holy yet human in its nature, the ability to cleanse and purify one’s own body. 

After an in-depth, hand-drawn storyboarding process, I worked on directing, editing, and creating associated motion graphics to tell my story. Textual content breaks the boundaries of a typical title sequence and unites with the story itself. Thin sans serifs represent the clean, sterile nature of the purification. No text is left static, as the neither the water nor shampoo present is static. Text changes opacity, hides behind masks, and slides alongside bubbly shampoo to show the dirt of the world getting washed right off oneself.

A special thank you to Jessica Grant, Melanie Ley, and Gabriel Nahhas for assisting in production of this project.