Madeline Beattie

graphic designer + fine artist

Lipstick Library

Organizing a Collection
Website + Mobile App


Featured in
CCS Student Exhibition 2023

Lipstick Library consists of a website + mobile site duo that represents a personal collection of choice, my immense lipstick collection.

The organization of said collection played a large part in the design processes. Since my lip collection is so large, I was responsible for choosing what to display and when. I decided on only displaying solid lipsticks: classic tube lipsticks, slim tube lipsticks, and lip crayons, for a total of 24 lippies. I included all colors and all finishes I had of aforementioned types, contributing to a simple organizational system: type, color family, and finish. As a result, it is quick and easy to utilize these categories, featured in drop down menus, to find my perfect lipstick for a night on the town.

I aimed to create a strong visual system that feels unified, regardless of the mobile or web view. The sites themselves are rounded in nature, with minimal right angles. Chosen sans-serif Poppins provides the collection a touch of playfulness without overshadowing the star of the site: the interplay between color and illustration.

Since lipstick is typically displayed on one’s lips, I deemed it important to include a representation of wear. I created simple black and white illustrations of my head to show off each color. Jewelry or sunglasses on my avatar represent the presence of luster or translucency in the lipstick’s appearance respectively. As a result, the sites have a sense of human presence without leaning into stock photography.

The Process

Initial Concepts

Creating Options


Final Prototypes - Enlarge for Best Experience