Madeline Beattie

graphic designer + fine artist


Madeline Beattie is always working on something. Whether that be finishing up their latest design assignment, running student events, vending with their small business, or hitting the bowling lanes, you can bet they’re doing it. Beattie’s passion extends wide and far, as they not only enjoy traditional graphic design, but art practice. Their favorite tools include their mom’s Brother XR3774 sewing machine, their school’s laser cutter, and their local print shop’s Risograph printer.

Outspoken, big-hearted, and energetic, Beattie seeks to create pieces that make people talk. They are passionate about creating compelling stories that can be seen and shared by many. As such, they currently intend to focus further on branding and packaging design during their continuing studies.

Beattie is currently attending College for Creative Studies in pursuit of a BFA in Communication Design, alongside a minor in Fibers and Textiles, and intends on graduating in 2025.

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