Madeline Beattie

graphic designer + fine artist

Lemon Squeezer

The Object Project
Poster Series


Lemon Squeezer is a 20 image poster set that I created to represent different aspects of my favorite kitchen device, my IKEA Spritta Citrus Squeezer.

The purpose of the project was to express both denotative (literal, dictionary definitions) and connotative (emotional associations) aspects of the object itself. The series consists of two 20x20 posters, ten 10x10 posters, and eight 5x5 posters.

The iterative process began with in-depth historical and personal research, which was then realized through handwritten mindmapping and collaging. This research informed my studio photography, which I intended to reflect both the simplicity and fun of the squeezer’s design. Paper sketches provided a strong starting point for a successful transition to Illustrator.

The text present on each piece represents the connotative or denotative meaning of the citrus squeezer. Digital type is intended to reflect the modernity and Swedish design of the device itself, which includes clean sans-serif typefaces. The hand drawn type, meanwhile, is evocative of the personal relationship between me and my own cooking, creating recipes that I hope are passed down for years to come. All type is meant to interact and engage with the established photography, creating a composition that feels unified and intentional.

The Process


Best Photos

Initial Digital Sketches

Second Round of Sketches

Final Posters